Muslim women do not have the right to education

“I see a lot of muslim sisters studying for a masters degree, why would any good muslimah be pursuing a masters? These women are supposed to be home, teaching their “shidren” the deen, and they are just roaming around doing one yeye degree. I also see some sisters studying engineering courses, especially electrical engineering. What does a good muslim sister need electrical engineering for..?!!!!!!”

I got a hold of my phone and deleted the “sermon” IMMEDIATELY. Subhanallah, these types of “sermons” are the ones some brothers listen to, and they come to twitter to give fatwas. These are the types of “scholars” they look up to in deen and akhlaq (character).

I was told my place is reserved in hell because I am pursuing a doctorate degree. After all, my main purpose in life is “borning shidren”. One scholar even said he has 4 wives, none of them is working, his last wife is a first class mathematics graduate and she is not working too. So, who am I and what makes me special enough to pursue my God-Given Right to Education?!!!!

Some scholars will tell sisters, “NYSC is haram”, knowing fully well that most jobs in Nigeria require the certificate. So many bright minds have succumbed to all this “straight to jannah” fatwas. Sisters who are supposed to use their knowledge to push the deen forward have been guilt tripped into full economic dependency, because apparently, earning money as a woman reduces the barkah (blessing) on your husband’s wealth.

Filter what you listen to, choose who you listen to, learn your deen, and make dua that Allah will give you the courage to do what is best for you in this dunya. You deserve to thrive, you have the right to education, you have the right to wealth and you have the right to happiness that knows no bounds, and lastly…poverty is not a recipe for Jannah.



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