• Hajo Isa

    Hajo Isa

    There are 3 things I am passionate about: Trauma Healing||Child Protection||Migrants

  • Halimah Awofeso

    Halimah Awofeso

    I write about things that interest me like the books I read, movies I watch and random ideas in my head ....

  • Aisha Olaitan

    Aisha Olaitan

  • Rafiu Raqeebat

    Rafiu Raqeebat

  • Kofoworola Salawudeen

    Kofoworola Salawudeen

    not your regular muslimah,am an advocate for gender based violence,a feminist ,I love to bake and very opinionated. am a no-nonsense person.

  • Ahmad Yunus

    Ahmad Yunus

  • OLODU Chibuzor

    OLODU Chibuzor

    Love podcast,I write,an over thinker,Love music and sleep.

  • Hussainih


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