Don’t mind her, she is a feminist…

“Women are not meant to be battered or treated like sh*t, everyone deserves to feel respected and honored. There’s nothing normal about domestic violence, men are not toddlers, they do know what is right, and should be held responsible for their wrongdoings.”

That was all I told her, the next thing I heard, “you are a feminist”. Well, if that sums up what I am trying to say, then sure, I am one…I shied away from that term for a long time, because it slowly turned into a negative connotation.

Like every “ism” or religion or point of view, there will always be a spectrum, there will be the far left and the far right and everything in between. I do not fault what label people choose to bear or how they choose to express their views, but I choose mine, and I ensure I am not bullied away from what I believe.

I am Muslim, my views and practices are not the same as those of other muslims of different nationalities, cultures, experiences etc… I can’t shy away from my religion because some people decided to be extremists, and I won’t give an epistle on why I am muslim either…The cycle never ends, no matter what you do, there will always be varying reactions, and my favorite quote of the year, “do whatever makes you sleep at night, do you”….💖



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